Mountain View, California

The Midwife & the Baker is owned and operated by Mac, formally Thomas MacConnell.  He got a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a job at Caterpillar before he realized his true calling in life was making amazing bread.  And the rumors are true... Mac's wife is an real-life midwife.  Together, they truly are the midwife and the baker.  Specializing in sourdough, their upmost priority is providing the healthiest, highest quality bread.  That's why they only make organic, artisan breads.  And boy, are they delicious!

Check out their offerings:

Organic khorasan baguette

Organic brioche buns (sold in a 4-pack)

Organic "Country" white sourdough

Organic white sourdough with kalamata olives

Organic seeded white sourdough (flax seeds & toasted sunflower seeds)

Organic whole wheat sourdough

Organic whole wheat sourdough, toasted sesame crust

Organic whole wheat sourdough with walnuts & currants

Organic German-style rye sourdough (made with buttermilk)

Organic whole spelt sourdough

Organic whole spelt sourdough with raisins & coriander

Organic quinoa & millet sourdough (gluten-free recipe)


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call/text : 650.644.9771

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