Silver Sky Ranch, Petaluma, California

Silver Sky is a small ranch in West Petaluma operated by two young brothers, James and Andrew Stoll,  aged 30 & 28, respectively.  They both worked on an organic, biodynamic, climate-neutral ranch in the Swiss Alps through most of their teen years, which is where they fell in love with ranching.  They have only a handful of cattle and approx. 500 laying chickens (they started their ranch with just a few dozen egg-laying hens).  To call their beef small batch wouldn't be wrong.  All of the animals at Silver Sky Ranch are pasture-raised.

A message from the brothers: "Our philosophy is that happy and healthy animals provide the best product. Our animals are free range, fed the best quality organic foods, and work symbiotically together to bring you sustainably-sourced and nutrient-rich foods without the large carbon footprint of traditional farming practices.

Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Cows

The cows at Silver Sky Ranch spend all of their days in the pasture, grazing on lush, chemical-free grass while also getting occasional special treats of organic alfalfa.  Their diets are free from grains, antibiotics, and steroids, but filled with large doses of sunshine.  

Note: the meat is delivered frozen.

Organic Farm Fresh Eggs

The chickens at Silver Sky Ranch, like the cows, spend all of their days in the pasture, roaming around and finding grubs in the dirt to eat.  Contrary to what some may think, chickens can't live off of strictly grass diets.  So, in addition to grass and grubs, they get fed organic (non-gmo) grains too.

While everything at the ranch is grown/raised organically, the eggs are certified organic.

Pasture-Raised Soup Chickens

A soup chicken is a laying hen past her prime egg-laying years.  We at The Silo love the soup chickens because they are at least 2 years old when they become our food.  Chickens raised exclusively for their meat, which you find at your local grocery store and Costco, live to be 30 to 60 *days* old before ending up on your dinner table.  Sure, a soup chicken is older, leaner, and a little tougher, but she's had a good 2 years on Earth with us before becoming our meal.  That makes us really happy.  And if you slow cook a whole soup chicken for a few hours (we recommend 4+), it becomes really tender and the water is a delicious, homemade chicken broth/stock.  The meat is great for chicken taco bowls, chicken salad, chicken over salad, chicken & rice, BBQ chicken sandwiches, and of course, chicken soup!

Note: the meat is delivered frozen.


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