Grain & Produce Bags

100% Organic Cotton

Made in India

GOTS certified

Binchotan Charcoal

Zero Waste Water Filter

Produced in the Kishu region (Wakayama Prefecture) of Japan.

Removes heavy metals, such as lead.

Removes volatile organic compounds, such as pesticides, insecticides, and glyphosates.

Removes chlorine.

Balances water pH, alkalinity.

Composts when done (bio-char).

Wool Sponges and

DIY Wool Dryer Ball Kits

Full Circle Wool, in conjunction with the Capella Grazing Project, sources coarse wool from two Climate Beneficial ranchers in Tomales, CA.  The wool from Jensen Ranch and Stemple Creek Ranch is what creates the wool sponges and DIY wool dryer balls.  Proceeds return to those ranches every 6 months to support funding of carbon farming practices.  These practices include compost application, rotational grazing management, hedgerow establishment, and cover crop.  By sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it deep down in the soil, these practices benefit us all by mitigating and reversing climate change.

Deodorants, All-Natural, Vegan

Shmoopy's All-Natural Deodorants, made in San Rafael, CA using only natural products which are good for the skin and good for the environment.  From the vegan formula to the plastic-free containers, Shmoopy's has really thought of everything.  And the best part, you ask?  They actually work at fighting odor!  We know because, here at The Silo, we use them ourselves!

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call/text : 650.644.9771

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