Organic Campanelli Pasta, Grano Arso / lb.

Organic Campanelli Pasta, Grano Arso / lb.

Mill Valley Pasta Company, San Rafael, CA
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[picture shows plain campanellis… the grano arso campanellis are brown, as explained below]

Campanelli means little spins, little tops, or little bells, and this fun shape is meant for hearty ragouts and cool weather pasta dishes.

Grano Arso pastas originate in, and around, the Puglia region of Italy.  After harvest, farmers would torch the wheat fields, burning the dried chaff and any cast-off grain still in the field to nourish the earth when tilled under.  Between torching the field and tilling it back into the ground, the poorest villagers would come and gather as much of the torched or burnt grain as they could, grinding it into a flour referred to as “farina grano arso”.  To make our Grano Arso pastas, we use 60% organic semolina and 40% organic semolina that has been roasted in the oven to a deep chestnut brown.  This develops a depth of flavor reminiscent of toasted popcorn, grilled bread, and almonds.  This aroma fills the kitchen both as we roast the flour and extrude the pasta.  It’s safe to say that this pasta, traditionally the food of the poorest of the poor, has us drooling and exalting it as the jewel of MVPCo.’s current lineup.  This pasta is vegan friendly, but not gluten free.  Sold by the pound.

Dried Pastas can be stored for up to 12 months from manufacture.

Ingredients: Organic Semolina Flour, Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Water

Note: Delivered in a paper bag.  We recommend moving to a sealed container for longer lasting freshness.

From Mill Valley Pasta Company, San Rafael, CA