welcome to your rewards center!

we think our customers are amazing.  they're thoughtful, caring, understanding, and objectively good people.  our customers seek to help others as well as our only planet.

we think that kind of behavior should be rewarded, so we're introducing our rewards service!  it's simple, really... the more regularly you order from the silo, the more money you save!

there are 4 tiers in our reward service.  

each tier comes with greater benefits and bigger discounts.

in order to jump to a higher tier, you must spend at least $100 in a specified number of consecutive months.  Spend $100 in one month, you'll be tier three status the following month!  Spend another $100 the following month and achieve tier two status the following month!  see how easy it is?

tier one status requires 4 consecutive months of spending $100 with the silo.  and then there is the sacred tier zero, requiring 12 consecutive months of ordering $100 with the silo. tier three and tier zero are lifetime achievements, meaning for whoever achieves these levels, their benefits can never be taken away.  tier two and tier one are fluid levels, being attained and revoked based on the previous few months' spending.

and one of the great perks of shopping with the silo is that you don't have to do a thing to get the rewards!  we keep track of your tier status for you.

so, to all of the silo fans out there, we say let's get to work, together, helping each other build a stronger, healthier, more aware community.  let's make locally-sourced, organic food with minimal waste affordable for everyone!


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e-mail: thesilopantry@gmail.com

call/text : 650.644.9771

let's make a change  🌱💚🌎

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