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Organic Fusilloni Whole Wheat Pasta / lb.

Mill Valley Pasta Company, San Rafael, CA
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MVPCo. is one of only two pasta shops in the U.S. that has the die to make this shape pasta (Marc Vetri in Philadelphia being the other - he’s a pasta godfather, so, you know, good company!), and we absolutely are in love with it. Normal fusilli can be a bit delicate and light, while these bad boys are fusilli’s older brother. They are rigate, meaning they are ridged, so they’re gonna hold on to all the sauce!  This pasta is vegan-friendly, but not gluten-free.  Sold by the pound.

Dried Pastas can be stored for up to 12 months from manufacture.

Ingredients: Organic Whole Wheat Semolina Flour, Water

Note: Delivered in a paper bag.  We recommend moving to a sealed container for longer lasting freshness.

From Mill Valley Pasta Company, San Rafael, CA