About Us

Our mission is to create a more sustainable world by providing locally grown and produced products in bulk using waste-free and circular packaging options. We also want to raise awareness and promote mindfulness on global waste problems by simply sparking conversation in our communities.
The entire idea came to us during a 16-month backpacking adventure across 5 continents and 27 countries. It started from an observation of carrying useless food packaging in our backpacks to the heartbreaking sight of disposable packaging being washed into the oceans. We could no longer just turn away from what we saw and, while we cannot single-handedly solve the world’s waste problems, we decided to start somewhere and be the change we want to see.
Without really knowing how or where, we grew our idea from seed. After months of researching and bouncing ideas off of each other, we were fortunate to find interest and support from our friends, family, local farmers, and artisans (thank you!). Marin and Sonoma counties have also been extremely receptive to our idea. So, just like we did on our 16-month world journey, we went where the wind took us and grew our idea from seed to sprout.
We feel so grateful that we were able to put our idea into a farmers market storefront.  It’s a small start, but we hope to create a place for those who want to tip the scales in favor of eco-minded people like you. Maybe someday we can take our sprout and grow it into a tree!
During the COVID-19 pandemic we have shifted from farmers markets booths in Sonoma County to contact-free deliveries, serving a much larger area (Santa Clara County to Sonoma County).  Thank you all for supporting a small business during this time!!
🌎 For the Earth,
💚 Janice & Andy 
🌱 The Silo Package-Free Pantry