Organic Blonde Rice (Med) / lb.

Organic Blonde Rice (Med) / lb.

Chico Rice
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Note: Delivered in a paper bag.  We recommend moving to a sealed container for longer lasting freshness.

Chico Rice's Blonde Milled California Japonica is a truly special product. Blonde rice has a superior texture and the natural sweetness and nuttiness shines through. It is lightly milled in the haiga-mai style so it features the health benefits of brown rice with the taste and texture of white rice. 

Japonica is a medium grain rice originating from Japan that is extremely versatile and exhibits a sweet and complex flavor.  It is excellent for sushi and all Japanese and Korean dishes but is versatile enough for use in a risotto, stir fry, or any other rice dish, or even stand alone as a side!

What is haiga-mai rice?


For those who prefer the taste and texture of white rice but avoid it in favor of more nutrient-rich brown rice, look to haiga-mai rice for the best of both worlds! Our Blonde Milled Chico Rice is semi-polished in the haiga-mai style in which only some of the outer bran layer is removed, retaining the nutritious and oil-rich germ prized by health-conscious fans of brown rice.  The result is an easily digestible, quickly-cooking grain with the subtle, delicate flavor and smooth texture of white rice and much of the vitamins, minerals, and oils of unpolished brown rice.

Unique from many rice farmers, Chico Rice grows and mills on their farm. Most people don’t realize that rice goes stale and rancid when stored too long. Their artisan rice mill allows them to mill exactly how much they want when they want, so we can get your rice to you as fresh as possible with the most flavor and the best texture.

100% CCOF and USDA certified and non-GMO.

From Sacramento Valley Rice Company (aka Chico Rice), Willows, CA